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Custom charms and pendants have become awe-inspiring.

Custom Tree PendantCharms are small trinkets that are designed to resemble a logo, animal, featured object or more. Charms can be custom crafted from various metals, be made in 3D or smooth styles, and are useful for letting passerby, other organizations, and businesses or your customers know what you support or sell. Reminiscent of your childhood, they don’t have to stay that way. Over the years, pendants have become popular for all ages to wear, and amongst all types of professions as well.


From awareness to donation groups, charms let customers know what you support, love or are raising money for. Since they can hang from zippers, purses, chains, bracelets, necklace and more, they are exceedingly helpful in spreading the word by making a small, but powerful fashion statement! Depending on how you choose to design them, charms can also bring increased attention to your organization and significantly help to promote it. We know that you love your organization and now many others can too!

Although they are great for organizations, another lover of these sweet little accessories is businesses! Pendants are famous for their diverse designs and shapes, but the style is another detail of logo pendants that can be to molded to fit yours and your company’s. We know that not everyone wants a pendant that is silly or playful, and that’s why these charming accessories are great for you! Besides being able to craft specific and detailed charms out of elegant metals such as gold and silver, we are also able to adorn them with faux or genuine jewels, explicit to your choice. Tap into the potential of your dreams and design a charm that will bring attention and results to your products, ideas, and sales!

3D PVC Charms

Not to worry, small businesses, we haven’t forgotten you! Playful and chic in nature and perfect for any small business and shop alike. Easy to sell and pair with almost any fashion taste, they accentuate any outfit and are able to be designed in a seemingly limitless variety of unique designs and colors. 

The Monterey Company has been crafting pendants for over 30 years and for a diverse variety of unique companies, groups and more! Culturally immersed and deftly experienced in detailed and complex designs, we are proud to create charms that not only make us happy but make you happy too. Besides being stylish, our pendants are also durable, easy to handle, and inexpensive We understand that passion is the fruit of life, and want to share ours with yours to design the perfect charms for you.

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