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Customized Gemstone Charms

Are you looking for customized charms for your company?

We are practiced at turning your ideas for a customized charms from fiction into reality. Whether your business is searching for a charm that features fun jewels and bright colors, an intricate and tasteful design or is realistic, detailed and bold, our expert craftsmen possess the skills to turn your charm dream into an extraordinary charm reality. As a firm believer in customer satisfaction, we ensure that your expectations are delivered. Our service provides you with a representative individual to your order that will walk you step-by-step through your process in designing a unique, enchanting and unequaled charm. Besides being crafted out of ornate, durable and expertly selected metals, The Monterey Company’s customizable charms surrender brilliant colors, exquisite detail and the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers for years to come.

Customized eagle charmCatchy to collect, custom charms represent a variety of feelings and occasions including love, passion, joy, and awareness. Besides illustrating thoughtful moments and emotions, charms can be worn on almost any part of the body. From anklets to necklaces, custom charms add tasteful flavor to any outfit and possess the ability to accessorize without being too overpowering or flashy.  The Monterey Company is local to Bend, Oregon. With over 30 years of experience, we dedicate our practice to providing our customers with genuine and creative handcrafted products. Each individual design is made 100% unique to you and minted directly from your idea to your product. With over 35 varieties to mix and match, we offer versatile merchandise to fit versatile needs. Explore our website and your limitless options as you create the product that was made to be yours so that we can make it a reality. At The Monterey Company, we specialize in providing you with customizable charms designed with your ideas. Our custom crafted charms are made entirely with your requirements in mind and will look and feel so chic and genuine to your style that you’ll want to wear all of them.

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