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Custom charms for your non-profit organization?

Customized Non Profit CharmsThe Monterey Company makes custom logo charms and pendants for companies, groups, and non-profit organizations.   Many non-profit organizations look to increase awareness and build a need for action on a certain topic, cause or urgency?

To let the world know that every vote counts, that every helping hand, every word for the cause, matters? Perhaps the point of a non-profit organization is simply the investment we show in our dreams, hopes, passions, and truths. Everyone has their own fight, that powerful thing that fosters sentiment, bonds us, makes us feel alive. We understand that. Maybe more than that, we would like to participate in keeping the heart of your non-profit beating. Simply put, pamphlets, flyers, and posters beware, because after years of research and perfecting the craft, our solution to raising awareness for your organization conquers all with love, passion and 100% pure creativity. Custom logo charms are a great way to show awareness and are custom made with your design.

Custom Charms aren’t just for kids and here’s why. Beginning with our early ancestors, all the way to modern runway models, jewelry has been a key element of fashion. Besides being pretty, delicate, bold or handsome, jewelry ties different pieces of clothing together, completes the look and adds flair and tasteful bits of personal style in a way that only jewelry can. Custom charms are one of these jewelry items that has survived throughout the ages, taking on whichever form the wearer might choose. And now, it’s up to you. We know that your organization has spirit. And perhaps you may have noticed too, but there’s only so much that can be said with a flyer because although it may contain a lot of important information, there’s no saying how long the flyer will keep. Humans have a knack for throwing away, recycling, or losing paper that has been sitting around for too long.

Here’s where custom charity charms come in. Being the creativity promoting organization we are, our charity charms are genuinely crafted precisely tocustom made charms your organizations’ style and requirements. None of our custom logo charms are sold ready-made so that beginning with a free charms quote, your charms are custom designed by you and crafted by our artists to show off your individual spirit, cause, and passion. Custom logo charms aren’t just for occasions or one-time wear either. Depending on your design and colors, participants in your non-profit will likely wear your charities’ charms out and about, causing a passerby to ask or compliment the charms, which coincidentally raises awareness and brings attention to your non-profit cause. Custom logo charms are like a flyer, but better because they are wearable, engaging, and easy to match with any sort of style of outfit. Personally, I have owned a dinosaur charm for a few years. It matches pretty much anything from fancy to casual-wear and every time I have it on, I receive lots of compliments, inquiries, and looks because of it. It’s unique, has a fun style without being too crazy eye-catching, and allows me to explain why I wear the charm (I love dinosaurs.)

Another secret? All non-profit organizations automatically receive 10% off your purchase of custom charity charms or other products. Think you might be interested? Feel free to check out the charming world of custom charity charms by simply clicking the charms tab at the top of our website. The rich future for your non-profit begins here!

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