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Discovering new custom pendant trends by the Monterey Company

custom-pendant-je-taimeDiscovering the latest jewelry trends and even staying ahead of the game is essential in creating pieces that not only keep their buyers current with the fashion of the time but also giving designers an edge in creating custom pendant designs that can also be timeless in their appeal.

Watching fashion videos for the upcoming fashion season reveals a return to simple, small, elegant jewelry pieces that don’t overpower the outfit, but add a touch of beauty.  Elements of nature seem to be predominant and already making an appearance in much of the new jewelry designs coming out right now.

Leaves, sticks, stones, trees, webs, and water drops made in sterling silver and oxidized copper are going to be the rage.  The range of designs that can be created with this theme is virtually endless and gives each designer out there enough room to create each piece in a manner that reflects their individual artistic vision as a pendant designer.

Silver or copper roughly cast and with a matte finish can be created in any shape desired and also engraved with script writing or simply the indentations of the natural element it represents.  Pieces right now seem to be in the range of one to two inches in length and hung for a very thin ribbon or thin chain of matching metal.

Pendants can sport one or two hoops so that it can either be hung as a pendant or gripped on both sides for an ID type bracelet.  Leather bands seem to work best with bracelets such as this and can be seen in many fashion magazines.

Begin designing now.  The year is coming to a close and launching these beauties as Spring hits are essential to being at the forefront of what is fashionable for 2017.

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