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This trend watch on custom charms is pretty charming.

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What types of necklace pendants are in style?
What is the latest in jewelry design fashion?
What kinds of charms are people wearing now?
What are designers coming up with now?

The fashion world changes pretty quickly. One season we are all wearing skinny jeans, and then the next we are back to boot cut. The same is true of jewelry as well. It keeps designers on their toes and makes the work of staying ahead of the game quite exciting for creative types that love making fashionable jewelry.

We’ve shared before about how exciting a time it is now for non-metal working jewelry designers, because of the easy access to a company like the Monterey Company. Now any designer can create a pendant on paper and have it made of any metal, with any embellishments! This makes custom necklace charm design so easy and accessible to those who are excellent craftsmen at putting together gorgeous jewelry, but who lacked the metalworking skill to create signature pieces out of metal.

With that said, what are the newest trends? Gold is back. Many believed it was never gone, but the truth is that for a while, gold was a bit… how do we say? Overplotted. Silver and white gold were quite popular, but once more yellow gold is coming back with the elegance it has really always carried. Necklaces, pendants, and charms made out of gold are increasingly popular.

Smaller types of necklaces and pendants are also making a comeback. The pendulum has swung again and rather than large chunky pieces, we are seeing smaller ones, but many. So a lovely grouping of smaller custom necklace charms suspended to a hoop is quite fashionable and lovely. What are the pendants of? Anything goes! Nature, sports, beach, food, kitchen, new age, and other themes are really great, and it fits well with the grouping on a hoop. The idea is that the wearer can express their unique interests with these lovely little custom necklace charms because there are so many to choose from and making them is easy for the jewelry designer.

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