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Commemorate your team with coins just as dependable and awesome as they are. A-Unit for life.

The A-Unit was a name created by a group working for the Applications Services Air Force Team stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Jeremy Arthur states that although unusual, the team became quite close and eventually the entire office shortened their office name to A-Unit because it had a better ring, and it fit their group pride. By 2005, inspired by the military challenge coins that were already being passed around in the military, the A-Unit decided on creating a coin of their own symbolizing how close they had all become.

Having done quite a bit of research, they found The Monterey Company online and were drawn to the work they saw in our gallery. This first coin was designed depicting the name A-Unit with rhinestones around the front and 2 flags, one of Japan and the other US, as they were stationed in Japan at the time. The working relationship and product they received from The Monterey Company was so good, that when it came time to make another coin this year, Jeremy came back.

As time moved on for the A-Unit, people came and went as is often the case with the military, but contact and closeness continued with the original members as the new members were brought into the fold.  Jeremy shared, “Time moved on and eventually some of our members started to leave (as it always is in the military) but we grew a little bit with new people coming in and those that had the same qualities as all the others members were brought into the A-Unit. We have all kept in touch and are even planning a cruise later this year to meet up in Miami and go to the Bahamas. Since we had some new members to our group, it was brought up that we should make a version 2 of the coin to give to the new people that were now members.”

The first element added to this new coin was ‘v2’ as in ‘version 2’, both to denote that it was the second coin, and also that this was in a sense version two of the original group. The rhinestones on the first coin were such a hit that the team chose to have them again. The metal on the coin changed from silver to gold, a red cut out hole to depict the flag of Japan where the group had originally come together, the Air Force symbol and the Japanese Kanji for ‘Air Force” were also added to represent their workplace. This time the coins are also numbered sequentially so that a database could be creating and members who are given a coin can add it along with their personal information on a Facebook page dedicated to the A-Unit.

The back of the coin is a great picture into the life and culture of the group. According to Jeremy, the team spent quite a bit of time playing basketball in a fenced-in area. They placed each other and other units and shop owners in what sometimes would become quite heated games.  For this reason, the back of the coin has the words “Rage In The Cage” on them as well as “Began in Okinawa, Japan Now Ballin’ Around the World A-Unit for Life”. There is a gritty graphite gray background on this side representing the asphalt they played on along with 3 figures playing with a basketball flying through the air. A rhinestone was added here as well in place of the ball.

“The individuals at The Monterey Company were great to work with and have always given us a great product, no matter how many times we change it before the final die is made. Rachael can attest to that! I sent the designs back a lot of times to ensure that we got exactly what we wanted and she was more than pleased to assist me.” Jeremy stated.

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