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Law enforcement coins for, gun clubs and shooting enthusiasts.

Typically,  the custom coins we produce are made with a soft enamel color. The extra processing involved in coloring a coin with hard enamel tends to increase the overall cost of the coin. While some of our customers prefer the cost savings gained from using soft enamel color, others prefer the elegance and sheen of the hard enamel color.

Working on the Law Enforcement Targets coin created a challenge for our artists because our client requested both hard enamel color and 3D detailing. The combination of these two combined elements requires special treatment of the artwork in order to ensure that hard enamel areas can be polished flat, without affecting the 3D areas of the coin.

In order to accommodate both requests (of 3D and hard enamel coloring), this coin features hard enamel with recessed 3D as opposed to raised 3D. The finish is antique bronze. The combination of a less glossy enamel with the antiqued bronze make for a lush contrast that is actually even great to touch! Justine, our art director said that it was a pleasure working with this company because, along with quite a bit of collaboration, they already knew about the differences in hard and soft enamel, as they had previous experience with ordering military challenge coins.

The coin is finished off with a beautiful diamond cut edge on the front side of the coin.

Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. is a designer and full-service provider of training targets and supplies for military, government agencies, law enforcement, gun clubs, and shooting enthusiasts.

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