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This custom coin is sharp, classy, and one of our personal favorites.

This coin for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department may very well be the latest in a long line of favorites here at The Monterey Company. It’s sharp, classy and has an overall air of professional achievement.

Created to honor the Special Investigations Bureau, this coin was designed with a 3D recessed eagle on the front with gold plating and a hard enamel finish. The recessed 3D is a necessity when doing hard enamel with 3D because the polishing or grinding to flatten the enamel would otherwise also flatten the 3D sculpting. White and blue colors were added with extra printing for the black lettering on both the front and back of the coin giving it a vibrant, clean and crisp look. Using the 3D effect on coins always gives a piece a very dramatic effect that makes the coin unforgettable and an instant classic.

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