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These custom lapel pin lovers are one of our sweetest customers.

hersheys company logo pinsOver the last year, we have talked quite a bit about the different ways to brand a company effectively. We have covered the importance of mission, values, overall company culture and of course logos, design, and emblematic consistency. Reading about these things is always helpful, but it’s nice to get a little peek into a company actually doing it.

The Hershey’s Chocolate Company has been a customer of The Monterey Company for a number of years now. It has always been a pleasure working with them, and with their latest order, we thought it good to highlight them to give an example of a strong consistent brand that is not only recognizable all over the world but also a company that cultivates its culture from within.

The Hershey’s mission is as follows: Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day. Simple isn’t it?  And perhaps a bit surprising? Many assume that for a company to be so successful and so massive in its reach, that there must be some long and complicated mission statement that delineates all the ways they plan on being a super corporation. This is clearly not true or the case.  The simpler the mission statement the better. And here what we have is simple, to the point mission. In all things, Hershey’s will always strive to bring sweet moments of happiness to the world each and every day.

Along those lines, and helping to flesh out how this mission statement will get carried out in all things the company does is their list of values which are stated as follows: Hershey’s Values, “One Hershey,” tell a powerful story: A global and diverse team, operating with integrity, working together, determined to make a difference.

This gets broken down even further:
Open to Possibilities: We are Open to Possibilities by embracing diversity, seeking new approaches and striving for continuous improvement.

Growing Together: We are Growing Together by sharing knowledge and unwrapping human potential in an environment of mutual respect.

Making a Difference: We are Making a Difference by leading with integrity and determination to have a positive impact on everything we do.

One Hershey: We are One Hershey, winning together while accepting individual responsibility for our results.

Along with a very well delineated set of values that guide every business decision and design project or delicious recipe for some chocolate treat that Hershey’s comes up with, there are logos, colors, and fonts that go on everything that is made in Hershey’s, right down to their stationery. The entire company is immersed in its culture, which goes beyond the products they sell.
We have been helping Hershey’s on a more internal level of their company culture for a number of years now. And not only is it doing what we do best, which is help create emblems of recognition, but it’s clear what Hershey’s does best as well. Beyond issues of good branding, a company cannot be a success unless its people are happy and well supported in the work that they do.

As you can see from the images of coins we share here, Hershey’s is also very good about offering its employees recognition for jobs well done, teamwork and affiliation to different responsibility groups within the company. This attention to detail and care is paramount for companies that are successful.

The Information Services branch of Hershey’s has also been quite creative over the years in coming up with coins.  We are particularly happy with the multi-attachment coins designed this year.


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