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One chocolate factory in Canada wanted a creative way to offer gift certificates. Instead of the traditional plastic gift card or printed card, Grandma’s Candy Co. wanted a custom made coin. When the owner emailed The Monterey Company about pricing, she was surprised how inexpensive a custom-made coin could be. “They told me that the minimum quantity was 100,” she said. “They explained that the process to create a mold and cast and polish a coin was not cost effective if the amount was less than 100. That makes sense to me.” Her coin featured the Grandma’s Candy Company logo on the front with a $10 redeemable token on the back. It was 1.5-inches created in antique bronze with no color. They chose antique bronze because it was the same color as the chocolate wrappers in their store. “Anything shiny has perceived high value,” she said. “The antique bronze worked well for another reason,” she said. “We had a lot of text on the back with the phone number, address and website information. Antique bronze has a finish that allows you to read even small print more easily.” Her designer helped fit the text onto the coin by varying the sizes and “wrapping” the longer text around the outside edges. The reason that she chose to make a coin instead of a certificate was because she wanted it to resemble other Canadian coins. “Plastic gift cards and paper seem so impersonal, and people tend to forget them in their wallets before they expire,” she said. “We wanted our coin gift certificates to be perceived just as valuable as any other coin.” When company coins are given away or traded, it’s also a great way to advertise your establishment! For more information on how you can create your own coin, contact The Monterey Company today!

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