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Just like our Custom pins, Clipper ships were built with beauty and speed.

Clipper ships were fast-sailing ships from the 19th century that had multiple masts and a square rig. They were generally narrow, could carry only a small freight and had a large sail area. Most of them were built in Great Britain and the United States and were used along trade routes from the U.K to its colonies in the east and the New York to San Francisco around Cape Horn.

Because of its sheer beauty and speed, The Monterey Company had selected a clipper ship to adorn its high polish die struck pin.

Note that the clipper ship is made of high polished metal, that looks like shiny gold, but actually is shiny bronze. The ship, its masts, and sails are all created in raised metal, while the background is recessed sandblasted metal. This creates a nice contrast between shiny/smooth and textured.

Around the inside edge of the lapel pin is the text for Monterey Coins, our sister company, and its accompanying website. The text is all raised metal with a navy blue background.

“High polish die struck is often used for corporate image pins,” explained Paul Stark, president of the company, who enjoys sailing once a year. “But the high polish style can easily transfer to coins, to give it a classy image.”

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