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Are You Looking to Create Custom Geocaching Coins?

geocaching-compass-map-coinLooking to pick up a new activity? Looking for a novel gift idea? You may want to get some geocaching coins and give geocaching a try. This modern-day treasure-hunting game is captivating people of all ages. Geocachers use a hand-held GPS-enabled device to navigate to coordinates they find online from a database or from fellow geocachers that leads them to a hidden geocache, usually, a container filled with geocaching items and goodies like custom geocaching coins.

Engaging in geocaching can be like discovering a whole new and secret universe. Geocaching items are hidden all over the world and anyone with the proper equipment can participate. Caches can be located in almost any place you could think of, from hiking trails to someplace under the water. You may even be surprised how many of these unique treasures you walk by every day without even knowing. If you’re hiding your own geocache, just use your imagination because the possibilities are endless!

The rules of the game are simple: if you take a geocaching item, leave something of equal or greater value in its place and record your visit in the logbook online. While a variety of “treasures” can be found in any given cache, ranging from small trinkets to CDs or books, one of the most popular gifts to leave and find is the geocoin. These coins are often categorized as “hitchhikers” because they characteristically travel from one cache to another. They are usually engraved with a tracking number, making it possible for their travels to be tracked and followed by geocachers everywhere.

Several of us at the Monterey Company have engaged in this activity ourselves. In fact, try and find some of our coins because (naturally!) we have the best. We are experts in making custom engraved coins to leave behind in your next cache. You can design and number your very own custom geocaching coins and then track them as they are hidden and then found again all over the world. There are varying levels of difficulty, so no matter what your level of adventure is there is a cache for you!

Get started today! Call one of our experienced geocaching coin artists to start working on your custom design. Who knows where the adventure will take you?

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