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High quality, finely detailed and simply artisan made custom coins.

custom coinsAlthough there are many different ways to thank your employees, troops and government agents, one way, in particular, is very popular. Not only is it popular, however,  it has been for decades and has a pretty cool historical story behind it as well. Know what I’m talking about yet?  Logo Coins because they are durable, efficient, promising and detailed to the T with gratitude. After all, why do we thank and commemorate people’s actions? Well, I think it has a little to do with efficiency. The efficiency of others contributes to the ease of your life -whether you realize it or not. And as the CEO or leader of your organization or unit, you probably understand this better than most. That it takes all parts of a system to achieve a goal or accomplish a dream. And because you want to congratulate your employees or unit for playing their part, and because we know that you need something quite a bit better than just a card, we manufacture coins.

Many, if not most, military units and other emergency services use a special type of company coin called challenge coins. In fact, challenge coins are arguably the most common form of customized coin. And let me tell you, challenge coins are an extraordinarily brilliant idea. Not only are they easy to treasure for years because of their metal make, but they are an easy way to show genuine gratitude. Challenge

hard enamel logo coins

coins are slightly different than other custom made coins because they are more so used to reward than to thank. If a unit accomplished a task efficiently or very well, they are rewarded with custom challenge coins. Unsurprisingly, they are very popular for collectors as well, because they usually have a very powerful story behind them.

It doesn’t take much to say “thank you,” but should you be spelling it out? Our facts say yes.

Although Challenge coins are so popular, let’s step away from them and focus on customizable coins in the workplace. After all, it’s easy to say thank you, but should you be spelling it out? All proof points to yes. Designing customized coins with words of gratitude really show that you care. Custom coins are the perfect way to prove that your employee or units work means a lot. And nothing says great workplace like a thankful boss. This will make your employees feel like they are doing a good job, and that definitely encourages happiness. But besides improving morale, showing gratitude has been proven to increase efficiency and work performance. Respecting others work makes it easier for them to enjoy their job. And, well, that’s motivational.

custom coins with engraving

Don’t let anyone tell you differently, you are the best boss. But being the best boss can get difficult, especially when it comes to thanking several hundred employees. Well, we have good news for you. Simply designing one custom coin to thank those several hundred employees is just as genuine and individual as a card or certificate. Except-wait, no it’s not, it’s better. I’m talking durable, quality, hand-crafted goodness. Made with care by our awesome experts, artists, and employees to yours. So if you are looking for that sweet spot between caring and convenience, your search is over. You just found it.

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