Custom coins, hand-crafted from us to you. Here’s to happiness, hard-work and an elevating life experience.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs’ motto of Elevating Life Experience seems to relate quite well with that of  The Monterey Company’s which is a Dedication to Excellence and recognition. I think it was the fact that each of our companies has such a similar attitude toward business and its customer that made speaking with Jim Root, CEO and President of Glen Ivy Hot Springs so energizing and inspiring.

This year marks Glen Ivy’s 150 years of commercial operation, but as Jim Root tells, the land has been there for eons and the natural springs were used by the Native Americans in that area as a place of self care and healing. Its that kind of history that makes Glen Ivy unique in that they don’t feel they are in the business of a providing a 5 star luxury spa, but rather a 5 star experience. “We’re people taking care of people and stewards of this land and what it provides us,” shared Jim Root.

Three years ago when Jim Root took the position Glen Ivy was in bad shape and in need of some special attention. When looking at what the place was and what it had to offer, what Jim and his team realized was that Glen Ivy was a place of authenticity that was very much connected to its history and partnership with the land. That authenticity and partnership was rooted in its history.

In preparing for this anniversary, they realized that what they do is timeless, and honoring that tradition through oral history was key. To that end, a gallery has been planned where oral accounts, photographs, and media archives have begun to be collected, not only telling the story of Glen Ivy but also sharing accounts of the the many people who have enjoyed Glen Ivy over the years.

Jim recounted a story of how, as a child, he carried around a Joey Chitwood Dare Devil Auto Show Coin in his pocket. “Coins are timeless, and we decided to create a coin that would convey this sense. As his team began to do research they found The Monterey Company. “We have really amazing artists on our staff and while we began doing the artwork for this coin, we found out that The Monterey Company does the incredible art, as artists ourselves, we really appreciated that artist to artist connection.”

Glen Ivy ordered 2000 custom coins and they will be paired with a series of historical Glen Ivy postcards from the 1950s. “The cards are being reissued with a historical marker and they will be sent out with the coins.” These coins will be given to all 450 employees, various media people, and the members of Club 1860, which is a membership club that allows for unlimited access to Glen Ivy year round. A few extra coins will be kept by Jim to pass out as the opportunity presents itself. “You know, I have this bag of coins sitting on my desk, when the box first arrived it was as if we had a box of treasure or loot!”

The Gallery will have its grand opening on April 24th, 2010 and will continue to gather records of peoples experience at Glen Ivy over the year, either through written word, images or video. The collection will continue to grow and then launch another continuation of the project in 2011.