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Custom Geocaching Coins

A significant part of Geocaching! Should you be interested?

Before we get into the importance of designing amazing custom geocaching coins, here is a brief definition of Geocaching.

An outdoor recreational game composed of searching for hidden objects, such as custom geocaching coins, via Global Positioning System (GPS) points found on the internet.

The term “Geocaching” was coined first by Matt Stum in 2000, who was looking for a voyage in the greatpopular-custom-two-sided-geocaching-coins
outdoors. Since then, geocaching has been gathering followers by the millions, and today over 10 million adventurers participate in this fun and fulfilling activity. Although the art alone of seeking out geocaches can be fun, challenging and rewarding, geocaching coins add an exciting and memorable way to celebrate the discovery of a geocache.

Thinking about purchasing custom geocaching coins from us for your very own geocache hunt? Here’s the lowdown. Coins worth miles in sentimental value, The Monterey Company’s geocaching coins or geocoins are unique, custom-made coins crafted by our artists for adventurers just like you! These fun little pieces exist as a creative and interesting way to commemorate the exciting discovery of a geocache. Using the Global Positioning System(GPS), Geocoins act as a tracking device for the history of geocaches. Analyzed online by a serial number unique to each geocaching coin, finders can track down online the history of each geocache and discover the memories, writings, and histories of its past owners during its rich little geocoin life.

Begeocaching-coinscause every individual geocoin is inscribed with a different tracking number, each geocaching coin can be individually tracked online through geocaching websites following blogs written by various finders of your own uniquely made geocoin. On your custom geocaching coin’s webpage, finders of your geocoin will write stories about their adventures, whether they are picking up or dropping off the geocaching coin, and how they found the geocoin. When they create logs, not only will they be sharing their locations in their travels with the geocaching coin, but they will be sharing memories, sentiments and adventures shared with and by your geocaching coin. Additionally, custom geocaching coins act as


a communicatively gratifying reward for the finders travels, trials and experience.

Everything at The Monterey Company is made to your satisfaction. Besides providing and supporting fun and exciting appeal in the exploration of the outdoors, we offer a 10% discount to non-profits, and creative designs as far as your imagination can see. We want nature to be welcoming and interesting and if you don’t believe us, our custom geocaching coins can prove it. Ranging from gold to nickel, we provide only the most durable and selectively chosen metals for your geocoin to withstand any type of environment, weather or surroundings. Our geocaching coins are made from our heart and hands to yours, and from yours to your travelers. Give your geocache-ers not only a coin to marvel over, but to share and experience. At The Monterey Company, we believe that community is the heart and life of adventure, because adventure is how we grow, learn, love and live. Now let us provide you the means to help people celebrate adventure, passion and knowledge with our custom made geocaching coins today.

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