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Custom medal awards and custom coins might be a bit more different than you think.

triathlon medals and coinsMany clients will look through our website and ask, “Aren’t medal awards and coins basically the same thing?” Well, the answer to that is yes! The main difference between custom medal awards and coins is that a medal has a hole in it at the top in order to allow it to be attached to a ribbon.

When designing custom medal awards, metalworkers use a very similar aesthetic process when compared to the process of creating a custom coin. They are both die-struck into thick bronze or copper and the designs are imprinted on the front and the back at the same time. Hard enamel color is added pre-polishing and then soft enamel color is done individually by hand after polishing. However, the difference occurs in that during the creation of custom medal awards, a hole is machined out of the top before the actual finishes are begun on the piece.

Another option that many people do not think about is turning a well-loved and sentimentally valuable coin into a medal or medallion. In this intricate and complicated process, the original design of the coin may be slightly altered due to the way in which the machine is holed out, but the original message and intention will remain intact. These pieces make great gifts that can be worn around the recipient’s neck as a reminder of the special person or event from which the coin came.

At the Monterey Company, we specialize in the creation of custom coins and custom medal awards. Our experienced design team and staff that can help you determine which type of medal or coin will best meet your needs, as well as finalize your design so that it presents nicely on the piece.

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