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The Monterey Company specializes in detailed custom pin and coin design.

For military coins, our customer images range from simple sketches to ornate PowerPoint presentations. This particular 3-inch dog tag had both. The pencil sketch of the front depicted a ram with an oversized head and horns. Its body was leaping over a red-colored shield with an inscribed banner below. Below that, there was the name of the military battalion and an inscription written in Iraqi script.

“The military customer was very specific about what he wanted,” said the salesperson working on the coin. “There were a lot of elements competing for attention, so we put the focus on the ram. It was created in 3-D without color.”

Therefore, the only color on the front of the dog tag was the red crest. The battalion and Iraqi test were all raised antique silver metal.

On the back, the images became more ornate with twin towers of a castle, 3 national flags, and a 6-pronged gear-shaped image with text on each of the gears and on the tiny pyramid in the center.

“This dog tag with its ornate images shows you that The Monterey Company is capable of doing a lot of intricate, detailed work,” the salesperson added. “All of the tiny text was raised metal and readable. We even amaze ourselves sometimes.”

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