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Dragon CoinFor centuries, the subject of Chinese painting includes flowers, birds, fruit, vegetables, fish, animals and in particular, dragons. Generally, the dragon was considered to be a benevolent creature, a bringer of rain and emblem of the emperor. It also represented male fertility and, as such, is associated with water. The dragon may be rising from the waves or writhing between misty clouds. This 2-inch dragon coin, made for a customer, happens to be Paul Starks favorite coin, president of The Monterey Company.

We can create an impressive coin for you!

On one side, is a looming image of a large, menacing dragon. Note the 3-dimensional effect that has been integrated into the coin to show its large dorsal fins down the neck, smaller scales around its head, and even the beasts sharp teeth. Further down on the coin, in a separate, small bubble, are images of four fairies. Even though they are a quarter of the dragon’s size, you can see detail in their faces, wings, and garments. This intricate detail shows the talent of the artists and the quality craftsmanship of the coins that The Monterey Company produces. Even the smallest writing is easy to read on the flip side of this coin. The last line that features the website address, is likely 6-point type (much less than the 12-point type used by most daily newspapers). Yet, it can be easily read because the text is created in raised metal. If this dragon coin can feature three dragons, four fairies, rocks, and five lines of copy on the flip side, imagine what we can include on a coin for your company! Over the years, The Monterey Company has created a myriad of coins for Fortune 500 Companies, all branches of the U.S. Military as well as law enforcement agencies. We can create an impressive coin for you! Call 800-259-6496

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