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You don’t need a GPS to track down a way to make your own custom geocoins!

Oh, the joys of Geocaching and Geocoins!  You know we love them and so do you.  The craze just keeps growing and growing and we are right in the thick of it, creating amazing trackable custom geocoins for families, groups, and companies to use on their adventuring.  So we thought we would share a few terms to know when creating your own custom design set of geocoins.  Read on!
Coin finishes

1.  Antique Finish: This is a great finish to use for fine details in order to have them stand out more clearly.  It also gives a sense of timeless elegance that many love to collect.

2.  Textured: All metal finishes an have a variety of textures applied to simulate movement or effect.  Sometimes the texture can be applied under clear colored enamel for spectacular relief.

3.  Satin Finish: A finish giving a matte (non-glossy) look to the metal. A misused term as traditionally (in fabric) a satin finish often has a level of gloss associated with it.


Collecting terms

As you can imagine, geocoin collecting has taken the world by storm just as lapel pin collecting and coin collecting has.  The following terms are applicable to all items actually, but here used for geocoins.

AE: Artists Edition: a version of a retail commercial geocoin only made available to the designer of the coin.  This can also be considered an SE (Special Edition – see below)
Custom Geocoins

LE: Limited Edition: This is usually a different version than the main run of geocoins. Produced in a limited quantity one time only.

RE: Regular edition which will be remade at an unlimited number according to demand.

SE: Special Edition: A different version from the main run of geocoins.

XXLE: No limit on the number minted, and they may be re-minted at any time.

XLE: Extra Limited Edition: Same as LE only fewer.

XXLE: Extremely Limited Edition: Same as XLE only fewer.



Geocaching terms

Activated/Unactivated: Geocoins with tracking numbers that have been registered on their associated websites are said to be “activated”, whereas geocoins that are still unregistered are termed “unactivated”.   Activated geocoins that have been left in a cache are meant to be moved from cache to cache, whereas unactivated geocoins may be placed in geocaches to be found by others and kept as tokens.

Non-trackable: A geocoin produced without a tracking number.

Personal: A geocoin produced or designed by an individual or team of geocachers featuring team or cacher’s nickname prominently on the coin.

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