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We thought it would be fun to track the history of the first Custom Geocoin.

The first geocoin was created back in 2001 by a writer at www.switchbacks.com who goes by the handle Moun10Bike.  This was the very first trackable geocoin made and the images can be found at www.geocaching.com.  It’s interesting to note that these geocoins are the most sought after in the short history of trackable geocoins and their creator, Moun10Bike forbids their sale.  If coins are found to be sold without his permission, Moun10Bike locks the tracking code for the coin so that it can no longer be tracked.

Moun10Bike is Jon Stanley, wanted to have a signature cache and wanted to debut it at his 100th cache.  He kept coin 002 for himself to commemorate the event.  It would be about 6 months after he placed his coins, that others started to follow suit, making them desired items that people wanted to seek out and collect, rather than take one from a cache and move it on to another.

He has put out about 1100 or so geocoins and it has become a craze with so many individuals, groups, and families creating their own trackable coins and placing them in caches around the world.

It should be noted that a couple of years later, in 2003 the first USAGeocoin was created and released for sale.  This would be the first coin open for public purchase that wasn’t minted with an exclusive design.  And later as the craze really began to take hold in 2007 the First Annual Geocoinfest was held in Temecula, California.  This event pulled together hundreds of geocoin collectors for the first time in a mass event with many custom-made geocoins sold, given away or traded.

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