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custom geocoins with engravingIf you love geocaching, rain, sleet, snow or shine won’t matter in your hunt for geocaching coins.

Do people geocache in the winter?
Do people geocache in the fall?
Does cold weather hinder geocaching?

One of the reasons that geocaching and the use of geocoins have been so popular and grown more and more over the years is because of how it brings people closer to the environment.  Put simply, geocaching pulls people outside.  Whether alone or with friends or with family, recreation once more is geared towards being outside, exploring, treasure hunting.

It’s a good thing, and it has bridged the gap between those that tend to be more athletic and engage in more strenuous activities and those that aren’t. So geocaching is an equalizer in that sense because there is really no limitations for people.  There is a geocache out there for anyone to find, of any age, any ability, in any environment and at any level of ease or difficulty.

So it follows too that it is a year-round activity, and the amount of geocaching that takes place in the Fall and Winter is just as high as the Spring and Summer months.  Geographical location is always a big component of choosing a cache to find, just as a wish list is.  For instance, many plan whole vacations around both the cache they want to get to, as well as the place of origin they want to travel to next.

Winter and Fall travel and exploration simply mean different clothing and hiking gear, some specific considerations for how to get there and what types of elements to prepare for, and as always, having the tools needed to actually go geocaching… you know… like your geocoin!

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