Monterey CoinWhat lapel pin would you create for the 44th president?

Since the election, political lapel pins have been popping up all over the country. Many resemble the ones created in the 1930s for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the enthusiasm over the New Deal. Many political commentators have drawn parallels between the two presidents. In his first 100 days, FDR fought against naysayers and saved America. Now it’s Obama’s turn.

One popular pin around FDR’s inauguration showed the smiling president in the center with the text, “We Need You” at the top. Another showed a more serious looking FDR with the text on the outside edge, “He’s Good Enough for My Buck.”

What lapel pin would you create for the 44th president? You can custom make your own lapel pin and show your support or disfavor. One enterprising customer enlisted The Monterey Company in creating custom-made Obama cufflinks following the election. (Cufflinks are similar to lapel pins but with a longer stem).

Yahoo News reported recently that anything with Obama’s image was hot right now. “We’re glad to help you create your own custom-made political pin,” said Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company. “But if you want to use a photo of Obama, it must be your own photograph.”

However, he added, there are ways of using an Obama image without infringing on photo copyrights. An artist can create an image based on a photograph and you can use that for your lapel pin.