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Law enforcement coins memorialize the bravery of police and firemen!

custom law enforcement coins: redwing police logoDo our police and firemen get the attention they deserve? Certainly, specific videos that have gone viral of late have gotten the public’s attention, though unfortunately have not put law enforcement under the best light. However, I feel as though the answer is more complex; that we take for granted the brave and sacrificial acts of policemen and firemen, and letting the aggressive minority overwhelm our opinion of law enforcement. Personally, I feel as though we don’t give our law enforcement enough credit. How are we, the rest of the public, supposed to understand the challenges, consequences, and sacrifices associated with that taxing of a lifestyle if we are not exposed to it ourselves? Well, there seems to be a solution that lets our law enforcement know that they matter and has seized the market recently, gaining popularity at a rapid rate. Similar to challenge coins, which are coins awarded to military troop members after great acts of bravery or skill, law enforcement coins memorialize the bravery and selflessness of police and firemen and celebrate the protection they provide for us –and that we may take for granted.

Law enforcement coins stand for more than just the quality of the coin. Law enforcement coins stand for the bravery and the will it takes to protect the public at all costs and sometimes even against the value of one’s own life. Law enforcement may be a topic that not all people understand, but it is one that affects our lives on a daily basis. We are safe because they are doing it right, and if you are a police chief or a leader in a firefighter team, law enforcement coins are a perfect way to reward your crews’ hard work for the public’s safety. These custom law enforcement coins encourage feelings of pride and honor and show that even through times of hardship, struggle, or devastation, good virtue will persevere and be rewarded with more than just, “thank you.” It is important to encourage our law enforcement with tokens such as law enforcement coins to keep doing their job well, and not only because it keeps crime off the streets, but because it allows the rest of us to live as we wish, with comfort, normalcy and carelessness as a choice.los angeles sheriff coin

Besides serving as an excellent way to reward your team for their hard work, law enforcement coins can be a great way to raise funds for events. Fund-raisers are fun and can be very beneficial if done right. However, raising funds can sometimes be difficult when searching for a way to promote the topic. A way that I have seen very beneficial at different events I’ve gone to is selling informative coins. Particularly when it comes to law enforcement, law enforcement coins can be a great way of showing the cause your squad is supporting and the reason why they are supporting it.  Law enforcement coins are fun for buyers to carry around and can be a great way to remember the moment as well as the cause they helped support. Whether you are purchasing law enforcement coins for your firemen, police or otherwise, law enforcement coins provide an excellent way to show your enthusiasm for the health and happiness of your town or city, state, and country. Law enforcement is important to the prosperity of this country, and it is all of our responsibility to keep it alive. Take part in a thank-you we should all be contributing to and check out our coin’s tab located at the top of the page!

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