This coin goes to show you that almost any image can be struck on a custom coin.

LETTUCE COINFrom dragons and eagles to presidents, clipper ships and vintage cars, nearly every image has been featured on a customcoin nowadays. Yet, when a wholesale grocer from Houston, Texas, asked Monterey’s President Paul Stark to feature a head of lettuce on a coin, he was initially puzzled. “How can we make it look classic and realistic?” He asked.
The answer was a 3-dimensional custom coin. Just like the sails on a clipper ship or the folds of an American flag, lettuce leaves have depth, texture and detail. Stark said that he opted to go for an antique silver die-struck pin and forgo any color because it would look more classic and dignified. “We didn’t want to get mired down in shades of green,” Stark said. “That might detract from the corporation’s message, which was to celebrate and commemorate three generations of lettuce growers in California.”


This coin just so happens to rank among our favorites. That just goes to show you that almost any image can be struck on a coin.  The Monterey Company can do the same for you! Call toll free at 1-800-259-6496