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It’s no secret that at The Monterey Company we love coins. So, of course, we try to stay up to date on all news coins. This means that we pay especially close attention to what’s going on with the U.S. Mint. The purpose of this organization is to produce all of the coins that go into circulation in the country, as well as take old coins out of circulation. Another great aspect of the Mint is that they create special uncirculated U.S. government coins that are really meant only for collection.

One of these special U.S. government coins is the First Spouse Gold Coin. These pieces are honorary one-half ounce $10 gold coins featuring the images of the women who served as the first spouses alongside their famous other halves. These custom minted coins are issued on the same schedule, in sequential order, as the Presidential $1 coins that are created in honor of the Presidents. Some of the most recent First Spouse coins that have been issue feature Eliza Johnson, Julia Grant, Lucy Hayes, and Lucretia Garfield. In the case that a President served without a first lady by their side, such as Grover Cleveland and James Buchanan, a gold coin is issued bearing an emblematic image of Liberty as depicted on a circulating coin of that era. The reverse side is a tribute to the President with an emblematic theme of his life. The U.S. government coin is also inscribed with the dates of that President’s term.

vip-pins-veterans-eagle_never-forgottenThe U.S. Mint has released all sort of interesting and unique custom minted coins such as these. U.S. government coins have an interesting and diverse history. With all of the turbulence and changes throughout the course of our country, there have been many additions and changes to our currency:

  • Five-cent coins minted from 1942-1945 aren’t exactly nickel’s as we know them today. This is because they don’t actually have any nickel in them. During that time, the U.S. Mint used a special wartime alloy made up of 56% copper, 35% silver, and 9% manganese. This allowed them to save all of that nickel and use it toward the war effort.
  • Nickels, dimes, and quarters are pickled before they are minted. This means that before being struck, the blanks used to make these coins are really pickled. They have soaked in a special chemical solution and this “pickling” washes and polishes the coins.
  • Before the Mint Police, there was the Mint Pup who stood guard. Old records show that $3 was spent to purchase a watchdog to protect the first Mint in Philadelphia.
  • “In God, We Trust” was first inscribed on coins during the Civil War. This script was added to the two-cent piece in 1864. However, it did not become common on all coins until 1955.shiny-gold-coins-gold-iran_0
  • Calvin Coolidge was the first President to have his portrait appear on a coin struck during their lifetime. This makes it the first real “life-like” image to ever appear on a coin. This historic image was featured on the obverse of the 1926 Sesquicentennial of American Independence.

Can’t get your hands on one of these unique custom minted coins? Don’t worry because you can make your own. At The Monterey Company, we want to help you create your own U.S. government coin for whatever the occasion, whether it be to commemorate service, completion of a project, or to recognize and honor exceptional service.  The design opportunities for custom minted coins are endless so get creative and create a custom coin that will last a lifetime.

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