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Presidential coins help make moments go down in history.

For the 56th presidential inauguration of Barak Obama, merchants were hawking all kinds of wares –T-shirts, mugs, banners, calendars, and even bar soap. Among the most popular were the presidential coins.

One of our customers wanted his 1.5-inch silver plated Obama coin to stand apart from the rest. He chose a serious image of the president in a coat, shirt, and tie. “There are so many images of Obama, but ours was as serious as the task at hand,” explained the customer.

He added that many other presidential coins featured patriotic colors, but this coin was to be sans color, much like a U.S. quarter or silver dollar. “We put Obama’s portrait on the front and the presidential seal on the back,” he said. “We were lucky that The Monterey Company had a copy of the seal.”

“Since our company has been creating custom coins for 20 years now, we’ve already done some for previous presidential inaugurations,” said Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company. “We just pulled it from one of our files.”

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