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Challenge coins and celebrating accomplishments.

Challenge coins, also known as military coins, have been sought after since the first World War as an insignia of strength, loyalty, bravery, and virtue. Beginning with the heroic tale of a poor soldier who was given a challenge coin by his lieutenant and who was later saved by his sentimental connection to his challenge coin, challenge coins have become an essential and characteristic emblem for accomplished soldiers all across the globe today. In respect of history, challenge coins are given to soldiers as tokens of bravery to prove participation and reward service when they are challenged by obstacles, and to boost morale. Besides being rewarding and rich with history, challenge coins stand for more than just a certification. Custom military challenge coins stand for the strength of humanity and the people that build it.

Although the challenge coin was brought into the military scene around the first world war, popularity, as well as the identity of the challenge coin, really grew into a tradition after the second.Historically, soldiers during the second World War stationed in Germany picked up a local tradition of performing, “pfennig checks.” The game went like this: a soldier or other personal called out “pfennig”, which was the lowest value coin in Germany at the time. Then, everyone would turn out his pockets and whoever did not have a pfennig would have to buy drinks for the whole lot participating in the check. Soon, pfennig evolved into a medallion belonging to a unit, and associates of the unit began challenging one another in the same style of game as “pfennig checks”. However, if all of the unit members had their unit medallions in their pockets, the challenger had to buy the whole unit drinks!3D-Coins-Challenge

Today, custom military challenge coins are still considered an important and admirable milestone of a soldier’s growth in the military. The history behind the challenge coin is a legacy of the great people, deeds, and acts of bravery that were performed for the same passion, and the coin stands for just as much. You may have heard that family doesn’t mean that you have to be related by blood. Family means heritage as well, and challenge coins bring this meaning to life. Custom military challenge coins are not only an excchalenge-coins-commanderellent way to reward and gratify, but act as heirlooms for soldiers everywhere, and stand for more than just a military unit. Facing fears as life-shattering as what most soldiers have to endure is not something that most other professions can boast. The pain our soldiers tolerate with extreme lifestyles so that other people can live normal lives is a sacrifice at the least. These bold acts of kindness and bravery are well-deserving of the rewarding and sentimental challenge coins that have motivated centuries of others, linked not by blood, but through the same legacy, passion, and cause that drives our soldiers today.
The Monterey Company doesn’t make custom military challenge coins for light use, we make challenge coins as strong as the bond between your well-deserving platoon and their fight. Forged with only the highest quality metals, dyes, and styles, our challenge coins are built to endure whatever forces they are put to the test against- just like your unit. From our passions to yours, anything is possible with history and honor on your side. Create custom military challenge coins today and discover what the true potential of your hard-working unit really is!

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