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Custom Geocoins

Geocaching coins are a token way to mark your own geocaching hunt!

Baby, did you GPS us? Because you’ve found the location of your geocache dreams. Geocaching has been a popular outdoor sport for nearly 20 years. A game for all ages, geocaching is a fun, engaging way of finding adventure, and logging it online too! Because geocaching is a sport that revolves around tracking GPS coordinates to find specific locations in nature, it’s become a fad to leave something at the heart of the coordinate for geocache enthusiasts to use to log their adventures and celebrate the finding of a

geocache. This something is geocaching coins.

Whether you are building a geocaching map in the alps or your backyard, geocaching coins are a choice way to celebrate a find. The modern pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, geocaching coins are photogenic, nature-friendly and the best way to evolve your geocaching quests into prizewinning adventures. Inscribed individually with a tracking number, these little geocaching coins go a long way in rewarding the long way you’ve come to hide or find the geocache that geocaching coins hide inside. Because each geocaching coin contains a tracking number, once it is found, the geocaching coin can be tracked to a page on a geocaching website where you or other explorers can log about your adventures and take photos with the geocaching coin. It also allows you to see the history of the geocaching coin you hid and other geocache lovers found, and is rewarding, fun and oftentimes really interesting.

These geocaching coins aren’t just your average, run of the mill coins. Often decorated elaborately with
depictions of wildlife, plants or landscape, geocaching coins are unique to the geocaching adventure and each one is like a prize for the find. Not only are these geocaching coins beautiful and intricate, but they also are designed to withstand dramatic temperature changes, harsh climates and any other sort of grueling adventure they are put to the test against. The artistry may look delicate, but don’t let looks deceive. These geocaching coins are ready for exciting adventures, dazzling scenes, and GPS mysteries, just like you.Custom-made Geocaching Coin

Hand-crafted is the name and we’re ahead of the game. Our artists love a challenge. That’s why we don’t say no to pretty much any geocaching coin design you can dream up. We know that geocaching is a passion that literally stands for miles in terms of what it’s worth, and we would love to be a part of what gives you and your game the adventure. We don’t mess around when it comes to fine arts either. Our geocaching coins are custom crafted by hand with care, to ensure that you receive the most detailed, durable, and quality bang for your buck. There’s no time like the present to invest in the future, and with ideas as creative as yours and skills perfected over 30 years, investing (and adventure) comes naturally. Tell us what creates the adventure for you, and our experts will transform your passion into geocaching coins that stand for the things you love in life. Dream big and check out your geocaching coin options today.

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