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Custom geocaching coins are the pot of gold for every outdoorsy guy and gal geocacher.

custom geocaching coin jeepJust this last week to commemorate the date 10.10.10 (October 10, 2010) events were held worldwide for the geocaching community to set a record for the most accounts logging caches that day.  10.10.10 celebrates 10 years of geocaching and 10 years of Groundspeak being in existence.

Groundspeak is a privately held company in Seattle, Washington. The company was initially founded in November of 2000 to support the ongoing development of the website. The mission of Groundspeak has been to:

Inspire global play with location-based technology. Born from a grass-roots movement, Groundspeak is committed to:

~Getting people outside by using location-based technology
~Providing or enhancing real-world adventures or experiences
~Supporting parks and outdoor recreational areas (often through Cache In Trash Out)
~Educating about GPS and other location-based technologies (through the ~ and partnerships)
~Bringing online communities together in physical locations

As such this day motivated hundreds of events around the globe that had many geocachers out finding caches and logging them throughout the day.  Because the goal was to break the record of the most caches logged in a day the number to beat was 56,654!

On this particular day there were events being held in the following places:
Afghanistan, Australia (5), Austria (2), Bulgaria, British Columbia (6), Manitoba, New Brunswick (5), Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia (2), Ontario (7), Prince Edward Island, Quebec (2), Saskatchewan (2), Czech Republic (9), Denmark (2), France, Germany (17), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Jersey (2), Mexico, Netherlands (2), New Zealand (3), Norway (3), Portugal (5), South Africa (2), South Korea, Spain (4), Sweden (5), Switzerland (2), United Kingdom (17), Alabama (2), Alaska (4), Arizona (2), California (17), Colorado (2), Connecticut, Florida (7), Georgia (5), Hawaii (2), Idaho, Illinois (9), Indiana (7), Iowa (8), Kansas, Kentucky (3), Louisiana, Maine (3), Maryland (2), Massachusetts, Michigan (8), Minnesota (9), Mississippi, Missouri (3), Montana, Nebraska (2), Nevada (2), New Hampshire, New Jersey (5), New Mexico, New York (7), North Carolina (9), Ohio (11), Oregon (4), Pennsylvania (11), South Carolina, South Dakota (3), Tennessee (7), Texas (12), Utah (2), Virginia (5), Washington (4), Wisconsin (8), Wyoming.

Isn’t a huge list?  The final numbers are in yet, but I love looking at this list and imagining all those people world wild outside experiencing their world collectively with the community and having great fun.

Geocaching is a hobby that is growing exponentially.  The Monterey Company not only has employees that engage in the past time, but we love the fact that we get to design and create geocoins that in the end feed the history of this recreational activity that is taking the world by storm.  We support this whole heartedly!  As Groundspeak’s mission states, anything that enhances real-world adventures and experiences, we are totally behind!

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