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Geocoins are the perfect custom item to complete any geocache hunt!

Monterey Company is quite lucky that it can boast of being located in the pristine mountain town of Idyllwild, California. It’s a small eclectic community nestled in the desert mountains, with great food, great entertainment, and amazing hiking trails and rock climbing. Idyllwild is truly an adventurers dream, and stepping out of our doors for a quick lunchtime hike along a meandering or vigorous trail is quite the reality for us.

It’s no surprise then, that Idyllwild has quite a few Geocache boxes stashed throughout the town and the forest hiking trails, with new ones appearing all the time. Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunt for adventures with GPS device or a global positioning system devices. The idea being that treasures or containers called Geocaches with random items inside are stashed in various outdoor locations and the adventurer finds it and then shares their experience with the worldwide Geocache community online. Typically, there is a log to be signed, and previous Geocachers leave a small token in the container for the next treasure hunter to have, as they will leave behind a token of their own.

Geocaching is one of the latest in creative outdoor community building, giving day adventurers and travelers a way to see and explore new places and also connect with others with the same interests who could literally be from across the globe. It is this creative community that has come up with the idea of trackable items

Trackable items are trinkets that are serial numbered and left in the Geocache so that when a traveler comes by and picks it up, it can be registered as found on the website, and then the original owner can track where his token travels to and who it was that passed it along. So you find a Geocache on a lovely day trip, pick up the token left behind by the previous treasure hunter, replace it with an item of your own. Then you register your visit and the trackable item you retrieve, so later you can post where you took it to next.

Its quite fun, and people have begun to create Geocoins (link) with artwork that represents their geographical locations, their family, special interest groups or even causes. Each Geocoin made comes with its own serial number and can come in a variety of metals and colors, and can be custom designed with the help of our design team. Monterey Company has been thrilled to make quite a few sets of these coins for Geocachers. It lets us feel like we are out there having a great time treasure hunting while working hard during the day!


Check out! There is a wealth of information regarding the community and forums discussing GPS devices, locations of Geocache in your area and around the world, and also give you a sneak peek at the fun going on out there. It’s a great way to explore your surrounding areas, become part of a growing community and have a fun family outing that everyone can enjoy.

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