Trackable Geocaching Coins With GPS

The Lin family has been geocaching for the last 7 months.  They were introduced to the adventuring hobby of the outdoor activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in the world, by family friends and have been hooked ever since.

Geocoins are created by individuals or groups with logos, emblems, and regional identifiers and are then registered using the unique number on each coin, over at .  Each coin then gets its very own page, and the owner tracks the coin as it travels via geocachers that take the coin and move it to another geocache while adventuring.

The Lin family wanted to create a coin that would be a family signature for them in the geocaching world and had been inspired by their friends, who had also created a geocoin with The Monterey Company.  Kathy, the Lin family mom explained, “We asked the kids what they wanted on the coins, and they decided that it was important to have the family name as well as the Chinese symbol for our name… as well as a panda.  That was it!  We really didn’t know what was possible until we took those ideas to the designer and this coin is what resulted.

Kathy went on to say that the design far surpassed any expectations they had of the coin, and I have to say we agree.  This coin is gorgeous.  A shiny nickel hard enameled style was chosen with a custom numbered engraving for each coin so they would each have their own unique tracking number.  Black and white PMS colors where used and the green tones in the coin were done in lucent colors to reveal the texture in the metal beneath the color.

This adventuring family ordered 50 coins.  Some have already been left behind in geocaches that they have found and the coins are actively traveling around the country.  They have also placed coins in the cache box they themselves are responsible for and those coins have been picked up by other geocachers and have been moved on.  Kathy also mentioned that at their Labor Day BBQ a handful of coins were raffled off to friends.

It has been exciting for the Lin family to track the whereabouts of each of their coins on .  And it sounded like it has been particularly fun for the kids to have a coin that represents their family with a signature image.