Don’t worry, your stocking isn’t heavy with coal, but it just might be a custom coin.

What can I make for a stocking stuffer?
What are classy gifts to stuff stockings with?
Are there fun pet stocking stuffers out there that are unique?

Each holiday season we at The Monterey Company, find that a specific item is made more than others for gifting.  It’s always interesting to see, and we love working with our customers at creating just the right gift for family, friends, coworker, employees and customers.

This year, the trend is already taking form and we are seeing many order custom made, bejeweled and enameled dog tags!  Dog tags for friends, family and pets!  It’s been loads of fun and more and more we are realizing how this is a perfect gift to place in a hanging sock on the mantle.

Because we make to order, and can make any quantity, such a gift is not only affordable, but the variety of metals, colors, engravings, edges, chains and textures makes each one a complete work of art.  It seems like a odd gift at first, but friends, lovers, family members and even club members are getting theirs made with special messages and symbols and giving them to each other as a memento and symbol of solidarity.

Dog tags or long medallions are classic with an elegant twist and the perfect surprise for anyone digging into a stocking this year, even if it’s Fido!