What Type Of Promotional Coins And Emblems Can Be Used For The Outdoors?

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Do you love the outdoors? We make pins for outdoor events!

What kind of gifts can I get for my hiking group?
What are some great ways to individualize a bicycle?
What are hiking stick badges or medallions?

We make custom festival Pins for Renaissance fairs worldwide!

Here are few outdoor pins types we make:

  • Pride Festivals Pins
  • Electric Daisy Carnival Pins
  • Burning Man Pins
  • Marathon Pins
  • Renaissance Pins
  • Race Pins
  • Sturgis Pins
  • Motorcycle Ride and Club Pins
  • Concert Pins


Having our home office in the high mountain town of Idyllwild, California has given us here at the Monterey Company a huge appreciation for the great outdoors. We love hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, exploring, geocaching, and kayaking!  In fact, I, as the writer, know I’m missing a few!

It was no surprise as we took a look at the products we design and create that a number of them stood out as very much about the outdoors, and it made us quite proud. Check them out and keep them in mind the next time you’re looking at sprucing up a team, adding a badge to your new line of bikes, or the newest and coolest – adding a meaningful and gorgeously designed hiking badge to your hiking stick.

1.  Bike Badges – Also known as custom bike metal head badges, these emblems lend value and personality to your bicycle frame and individualize it for yourself or the customer buying it.

2.  Geocaching Coins – Most commonly known as Geocoins, these are the modern-day treasure hunters treasured. Marked and numbered so that they are trackable via internet registries, these gorgeous coins are created to be left behind in caches in order to be found by another and to be taken to another destination. It is a past time that is gaining popularity beyond any wild expectation, and the coins being made are incredible.

3.  Hiking Stick Badge – Can also be called medallions. These are gorgeous pieces that are attached to the head of a walking or hiking stick. Many use this in scouting classes or groups. Medallions can be made with symbols of the wilderness, preservation, an affiliation group, or some outdoor cause. They are incredibly elegant and make a hiking stick something to be passed down for many generations.

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