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Custom Medallions aren’t only for pirates, but they can still be pretty awesome.

award medalionl with custom ribbonThe world of Medallions is vast.  Now more then ever custom medals design is branching out with great techniques, such as splash minting.  This technique helps in creating scenes that look almost real and even seem to show movement.  Special dies are used that allow the excess metal to splash out in a sideways direction when the coin is struck.  Once this is done, the excess metal left behind by the strike is shaved off, leaving a relief that is elegant, striking and memorable.  You can imagine the endless possibilities with a technique like this!

Custom Medallions, also benefit greatly from adding marks to the rim.   Ridges, lines, numbers, mottos, serial number and special messages can be added to a custom piece.  Many forget about the available space on the side of medallions, but it’s actually a perfect place to add the detail that ties the entire design together.  Many have begun to get creative in what the add to this.  On items such as Geo Coins, serial numbers can add trackability to a coin so its journey can be tracked.

The above are just some of the options available to a client when looking for a specially made medallion.  Of course, there is a starting point and for this type of piece a customer chooses from over ten different plating styles for a classically finished medallion, or add enamel color fill (hard or soft) to add zest and contrast to your design. We also offer the ability to combine several different plating styles on one order of medals (allowing you to order, for example, 50 gold, 50 silver, and 50 copper). This is an affordable solution for those who need to acknowledge three or more levels of achievement.
As a starting point, this gives people an idea of what can be done with a medallion, but the options are many and our website offers hundreds of samples and suggestions for the best design to fit a customer’s needs.  Also and aways, our designers are available for a free design consultation!

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