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Custom Christmas Ornaments are a beautiful gift the whole family can enjoy!

Each year the White House creates die cast ornaments with an image embossed in the center and the year in which it was made, cast into the piece. They are of course collector’s items and can be purchased online through the proper channels. But the White House isn’t the only one that can create yearly personalized and custom ornaments.

The Monterey Company loves taking part in helping families across the world custom design their personalized yearly Christmas tree ornaments. Die-cast medallions can be used to adorn family trees and are great gifts to give friends and family each year.

Medallions can be made of gold, silver, bronze or copper, can have a shiny or an antiqued look, they can come with color or without, and you can even use glow in the dark paints! Imagine a Christmas tree decorated with glow in the dark custom-designed medallion ornaments. The kids would love seeing the glow coming off the tree once the lights went out.

Changing dates and designs each year, a collection can be made that each person in a family can enjoy and pass down for generations to come. The same is true of groups of friends and even businesses that want to create classic gifts to give out to employees and customers as well. So it’s not just the White House that creates commemorative ornaments, but families and small businesses as well.

It’s a unique and elegant gift for both business employees and friends/family that is memorable and keeps within a budget that matches the economic needs of this time. The Monterey Company would love to see what you have done with yours! Please feel free to share your holiday ornament ideas in the comment section or send in photos of what you have done with the ones you have.

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