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10 fun ideas for how custom medallions can be used for Geo Caching finds.

GeoCaching has recently become a popular pastime throughout the United States. With the invention of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geo Caching is like a modern-day treasure hunt only with a little less swashbuckling than was required in years gone by. People can log on to the Internet to obtain coordinates to each Geo Caching find and then with a little effort and their trusty GPD handheld in tow, they can go off in search of a vast array of objects. Although just about anything can be used as an object to find on these caching adventures, here are 10 fun ideas for how custom medallions can be used for Geo Caching finds.

1. First Time Finds

The cool thing about custom medallions is that they can be well custom. Designing a unique medallion to be found by those who are brand new to Geo Caching can be a great introduction to the hobby.

2. Milestone Finds

For those who are grizzled veterans of the activity, another idea for using customer medallions would be to have one custom made for varying levels of achievement (i.e. 100th find, 500th find, etc.).

3. Marketing

The brilliance of Geo Caching is that companies can utilize this activity to draw people in or around their businesses. Designing custom medallions that feature the businesses name or logo, and brings them around to the business may be a great marketing tool.

4. Freebies

Along the lines of marketing, people love free stuff. Utilizing custom medallions that can be redeemed for a free prize whether it is a drink, a meal or a t-shirt, is another great way for companies to generate buzz, and hopefully increased business.

5. Team Building

It seems like managers are always in search of team builders to draw their teams together. Developing custom medallions to celebrate the team?s accomplishments and having the team go Geo Caching to find it makes for a great team activity.

6. New Student Orientation

What a better way to get students familiar with the campus than having college pins or university pins strewn throughout the campus. By sending new students on a Geo Caching mission, they not only familiarize themselves with the school but also have a lot of fun in the process.

7. Inexpensive Family Fun

Especially when budgets are tight across the nation, GeoCaching is a great way to spend time as a family without breaking the bank. These custom medallions can be affordably developed, and they can be hidden anywhere.

8. Sports Fans

Sports teams can design these custom medallions and hide them throughout their arena or stadium for those fans that can’t seem to get enough of their favorite teams,

9. Historical Markers

The United States is full of such rich history, hiding these custom made medallions around historical points is a great way for people to learn and have fun at the same time.

10. Competitive GeoCaching

Setting up competitions with these medallions as the prize is another great way to have some fun with it. Have a tournament and invite people to be the first to find this signature medallion.

GeoCaching is an awesome way to see much of what this world has to offer outside the walls of one’s home. With emblem manufacturers of today such as The Monterey Company offering custom medallions, custom medals, nursing pins, medical pins, OEM emblems, metal emblems and lapel pins of every variety, these high quality, customized products can be affordably made and delivered for any geocaching expedition that may be on the horizon. Happy hunting!

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