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There are many different ways you can use custom medals to honor our soldiers.

custom ironman medals One way both the military and military families can recognize their soldiers is with the use of custom medals. These custom medals are one of the many types of metal emblems that emblem manufacturers such as The Monterey Company provide. They also create lapel pins, nursing pins, medical pins, college pins, university pins, OEM emblems and custom medallions. Here are ten great ideas for how to use custom medals for military units.


1. Branch of Service Affiliation

The United States Military is made up of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard. These custom medals
can be designed featuring a specific branch in which one may have served.

2. Unit Affiliation

There are also a number of different units within each branch of the military. Putting together military medals
signifying which unit a person may have served in is also a great way to recognize their efforts.

3. Challenge Coins

Having challenge coins made up of an individual or team challenges a soldier has met is another fun way to recognize military personnel.

4. Mission Accomplishment

Every mission run by the U.S. Military has its challenges and goal. One way to recognize the success of a mission is by using custom military medals
to award the successful execution of each.

5. Individual Progress

Having a custom medal to signify rank is another great idea. Although the medal may not be worn as often as the patch, it can still be used in formal ceremonies to signify this progress through the ranks.

6. Veteran’s Recognition

When soldiers leave the military, many times they want to continue to show their pride in the service they and their brothers and sisters in arms helped provide. Having veteran’s medal to show they served is another way they can express this pride.

7. Personalized Memorabilia

This is a great idea for families of military members. Being able to design customized medals for specific soldiers is a way that families can show their support for the specific troops they love.

8. Reunion Medals

As with many other organizations, the U.S. Military will hold reunions for specific groups that served together at one point in the nation’s history. Designing specific medallions for these reunions is a great way to commemorate the service those units provided.

9. Retirement Medals

For those individuals that make a career out of their military service, when it comes time for them to retire, providing custom medallion
as a way of saying, “Thank You”, for all of their years of committed service is another way to show them how much their efforts are appreciated.

10. Sacrifice

This may be the most solemn of achievements in military service. When soldiers place their life on the line and sacrifice their own well being for others, it is definitely a cause for recognition. Having these medals for this recognition is merely a small token of appreciation, but hopefully, one that will keep that recognition coming for many years to come. Ultimately, there are so many things these custom medals can be used for when recognizing the military. These are just ten ideas to utilize in an effort to thank them for all that they do to provide freedom for the country they love.

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