Graduation Medallions represent a right of passage and are a beautiful way to celebrate and remember that accomplishment.

The months of May and June typically mark high school and college graduations across the United States. These commencements are held in sports stadiums, parade grounds or other outdoor arenas equipped to handle large crowds.
Typically, students or school alumni give the graduation speeches. Common themes are wishing the candidates well in the “real world,” and cautioning them that academia is a special place. Most recently, however, it is common to invite a celebrity or a politician to deliver the commencement speech. For the dress, graduation candidates wear robes and mortarboard caps in their school colors. Typically, each candidate will also be given a medallion and diploma by the dean or another school administrator.
Custom graduation medallions have become a specialty at The Monterey Company over the past 19 years. Most medallions are cast or die struck in bronze metal and plated in gold or silver with the school’s crest, motto or mascot. Of course, the current year is highlighted and they’re attached to a colorful ribbon. Most graduates wear their medallions on graduation day and then hang them from their rearview mirror in their cars to show all passersby of their accomplishment. After a while, the custom graduation medallions are moved to a mirror in their bedrooms, then finally put in velvet boxes for safekeeping.
“Graduation medallions are never thrown away, but are kept for years to come,” said Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company. “They represent a right of passage and people like to celebrate and remember that accomplishment. We’re proud to be part of that tradition.”