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“It’s not the medallion, but what it represents.”

The 11th Annual Rock n’ Roll Marathon, held June 1 in San Diego, promised to be challenging and fun.soft enamel marathon medal

The 26.2-mile course begins in Balboa Park, runs through Hillcrest skirts the San Diego Zoo, then features the historic Gaslamp Quarter and the San Diego Harbor. After that, the course travels up Highway 163, by the bayside communities, Sea World and ends up at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Point Loma. “Just come home with the finisher’s medallion and you’ll make us proud,” Jeff said to his girlfriend, one of the salespeople at The Monterey Company.

Since he’d completed six L.A. Marathons in the past, Jeff knew what he was talking about. “It’s not about the race, the thousands who run alongside you, or all the free stuff you get, it’s all about the finisher’s medallion,” he said with conviction.

“The medallion proves that you ran their 26.2-mile course. No one gets one until they cross the finish line.” That statement really hit home since she works for The Monterey Company, a top medallion manufacturer.

She thought of the 20,000 eager entrants who would battle heat, pain, and exhaustion just to earn that medallion. It was their newfound symbol of victory! She imagined wearing it on race day, like a hard-fought badge of honor. Then proudly showing it to her boyfriend, family, friends, and coworkers. Alas, she couldn’t view the Rock n’ Roll finisher’s medallion on the official website,

She wanted to see if she’d like the design and their choice of colors. She imagined it to be a 2-inch die-struck antique gold medallion with a blue ribbon. The central image would have to be a runner with musical symbols and background scenes of San Diego, including the ocean, of course. “No one gets a medallion until they cross the finish line” rang in her ears as she laced up her shoes to run 5 miles that evening. She would just have to wait until June 1 to hold that elusive medallion.

The folks at the Monterey Company help you design your next sports medallion. “It’s not the medallion, but what it represents,” said Paul Stark, the company’s president.

Over the past 20 years, The Monterey Company has created thousands of medallions that people all over the world proudly wear, later show to their family and friends, and keep as treasures for years. Call toll free 1-800-259-6496!

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