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This Saturday, June 21, officially marks the first day of summer. It’s a time for picnics, barbeques, and a lot of outdoor activities, such as marathons, bike races, motorcycle and car rallies. The participants of these events are going to need a medallion, lapel pin or memento keychain to commemorate the event. The Monterey Company, a leading lapel pin and medallion manufacturer, can produce these important keepsakes in a short amount of time. Lapel pins and key chains can be produced within 12 days and shipped overnight from our factory for a nominal fee. Otherwise, 5-7 days shipping is included in the order. So if the chairman of your event turns to you and says, Where are the medallions you don t have to panic, said Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company. We can produce and ship your medallions within two weeks and you come out the hero. He added that many customers come to The Monterey Company for guidance in these matters.

Custom medallions make summer events that much cooler.

Over the past 19 years, we’ve done thousands of lapel pins, medallions, commemorative coins and key chains. We have hundreds of samples of every style, shape, and color. And we’ll be glad to send you samples of our quality for free, Stark said. Anyone wanting to see samples can just ask and we’ll ship them that week added a Monterey Company salesperson. Sometimes, customers just have to see and touch a lapel pin or coin to know that they’ll be getting a quality product. That’s totally understandable, especially when you re-ordering thousands of them. You want some kind of reassurance and proof. One customer recently asked for samples to show his board of directors. I know that you guys do quality work, but I have to show the others, he said. The samples sent to a leading U. S. car maker was the tipping point in choosing The Monterey Company over several other manufacturers to create their 2,000-anniversary key chains. We were a little hesitant at first to go with a west coast company since we were located on the east coast, said the rep for the marketing company representing the car manufacturer. But once we saw their samples, it was The Monterey Company hands down.

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