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Are there planned activities around National Bike Months?
What is the purpose of National Bike Month?
When is National Bike Month?

The month of May was designated National Bike Month by a League of American Bicyclists.  It is hoped that doing so will promote bicycling for fun, fitness, and transportation.  Of course, the idea is that doing all these things for the month of May will prove to be so effective and fun, that people will continue on in their new habits beyond the first month.  Biking not only helps improve the health of America, but also helps prevent adding to the pollution problem we have due to so much vehicle use.

During the month of May, a specific week has also been set aside for Bike to Work Week, which happens on the third week of May.  Local newspapers typically list other group activities for this event and bicycle shops will have listings as well.  Groups of friends and coworkers come together and often to build morale, come up with group goals to achieve during this month.  Many have bike badges made to symbolize their group or joint mission for each year they participate.

Over the last decade, bicycling has grown immense in popularity.  More and more people are going out to buy bikes and ride for leisure as well as for utilitarian transportation.  This is a wonderful trend.  People join groups to road bike, take mountain biking expeditions and many compete in local races.