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Custom tie pins could signify the difference between a hipster and smartly dressed businessman.

Tie Pins

It would be an understatement to say that ties are a trademark of formal-wear. On the other hand, it’s a well-known fact that they can be hard to keep in place. Luckily for you, the solution is close at hand. In fact, pinning your tie in place is pretty simple, if you have custom tie pins. What are they? Actually, they are one of our specialties. One of the most popular accessories in the business world today, custom tie pins actually began their legacy in the early 1870’s. These pins were used to secure wealthy English gentlemen’s neckties, but have since evolved into a modern wardrobe staple. However, they still hold up to their reputation and are a pivotal yet functional way to class up any outfit.

Let’s be honest, it’s a real drag to have your tie constantly getting out of place when you are trying to focus. We all like coffee, but not ties in our coffee. Similarly, why should anyone have to swing their tie over their shoulder to keep it out of the way? Tie pins are the perfect way to give any outfit a classy edge while also sensibly keep your tie in place. Hand-crafted and designed with an image or logo of your preference, these pins make it easy to rep your business or organization and look great doing it. And as if they weren’t great enough already, another amazing thing about custom them is that they have many uses. In fact, these custom pins are just as great for gifts as they are for personal use.

Logo Tie Pins don’t let your formal-wear wear itself out.

Whether you are a great boss, or just have great employees, tie pins are a smart way to say thank you. They will not only serve a
function but will remind your employee of their value to your company. And hey, we can all agree it’s important to thank your employees. In fact, studies have shown time and time again that employees that are treated well, work the best and the hardest. We all love feeling appreciated and they are a genuine way to show gratitude. With your choice of design, dyes, and metal, it’s easy to say that pins are one of the most individual ways to say thank you.

Another reason logo tie pins are neat is their promotional aspects. It’s easy to use custom lapel pin on a uniform as a way to represent your business. While they are an efficient way to hold ties in place, it doesn’t have to be their only function. Designing your tie pins with a logo or image can serve lots of different purposes. From promotional to uniform, it’s all in the design. However, if you can’t think up a design, it’s completely fine! Although it may sound time-consuming, designing custom tie pins actually require very little on your part.

The making of your tie pins begins simply with an idea. And after we iron out the details of your needs, it’s all on us. Our artists are experts at externalizing your ideas into beautiful designs that will last. From dye to detail, we strive to satisfy and will work to ensure that you are happy with the end product of your custom tie pins. After all, when you go to work, you shouldn’t have to work to keep your outfit in shape as well.

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