Customizable Keychains come in many sizes, shapes and styles. How do you know what layout will be right for you?

custom key chains

Easily one of the most custom products that we make are custom key chains! Customizable keychains are great because they have many uses, and come in tons of different styles. From 3D to PVC, there are many ways to order custom keychains online that are perfect for your needs. However, how do you know which style to pick? Moreover, what are you using your custom key chains for? When it comes to designing customizable keychains, every factor counts. Just like your organization or business, different types of key chains serve different purposes. That’s why even though you may already have an idea of what you’d like your custom key chains to look like, let’s go over a few basics. We’d like to make sure that when ordering custom keychains online, you are getting ones that are perfect for your purposes.PVC Keychain

To start out with, there’s no reason to get worried. If you are busy or just don’t have time, don’t worry. Our artists are expertly trained to help you select the perfect customizable keychains. However, the more you know about your key chains, the better the final outcome will be. Let’s start with types of key chains. There are two different types of key chains. These are: PVC and metal. Both are very different and each is qualified for their own unique reasons. If you are looking for a key chain that is easy to clean, weather-resistant, has pigmented colors and really pops, go with PVC.

PVC is a special formula of plastic that is very flexible, resistant to conditions, and lightweight. This type of key chain is often a good option for non-profit, promotional and logo uses because it is especially good at catching the eye.

A free concept key chain before the full order? You can count on us.

Metal keychains are another excellent choice for a customizable keychain. Unlike PVC, metal has been around since the Bronze era and has been refined over millennia. Custom key chains that are made of metal often have a classic appeal, and are very durable. Although metal does not give you the pop option of PVC, it is good for a great deal of other things. For example, when ordering your custom keychain online, there are about six different ways that your design can be engraved. One of these ways is 3D. If you choose to make your key chains 3D, it is easy to give them that pop effect. Another factor is worth. Metal may be heavier and more expensive than PVC, but metal will last a lot longer, and the colors will fade slower. Metal key chains are often preferred for long-term, business and commemorative uses.

The other main factor that goes into designing customizable keychains is style.  The style of your key chains is very important because it shows how your company wants to come off. To begin, it all starts with an idea. Whether you prefer to tell our artists what you would like when ordering your custom keychain online, or you prefer that we help you come up with a concept, both provide great material to work with. There are so many options for this part of a custom key chain, that really, the limit is the imagination. We also want to ensure that you are going to be happy with your full order, however. In order to ensure your satisfaction, we offer a free concept key chain with your design. This way, you can approve the design before ordering your custom keychain online, and we can promise custom key chains that are perfect for your purposes.