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Custom Logo KeyChains offer a quick solution to the lost-key problem.


It seems that they would be hard to lose. They are noisy, sometimes bulky, and usually pretty shiny. Have you ever noticed, however, that most keyrings have mainly plain colors on them? Gold and silver–although they may be shiny, usually blend into most household color schemes. This is why I will let you in on a little secret that may be a big help in finding keys. Company logo keychains are perfect for the average Joe, or the busy eclectic on the go. Because they can be made so brightly colored, custom keychains are a great way to stop losing keys.

“I often find that I am on the run a lot. Whether it is picking up the kids, going to the office or going to the store, I seem to be in my car a lot. One of the issues I used to have was losing my keys. Now that I have a keychain from my favorite store, I don’t have to worry about it. The key holder is so brightly colored that I never lose my keys and my keyring looks pretty cool now!” -Laura Hayes, 

Whether you design custom keyrings in PVC or Metal, both are sure to produce Pepsi-keychain-150x150_c
brilliant results. With either type, you can easily have fine detail and bright colors. However, PVC and metal are very different and have very different styles. Before you buy a custom keyring, make sure that the type you are getting is right for you.  Metal is an excellent classic. Although heavier than PVC, metal keychains are shiny and able to capture images in fine detail. This type of custom keyring can be made in many different types of metal as well. Choices typically range anywhere from silver to gold.

PVC is a special type of plastic that is flexible and light. PVC keychains are made by adding layers of plastic on top of each other. This way, the image is usually made to look 3D and can be very colorful. PVC is a high quality, yet fairly inexpensive choice. It is easy to clean and will add little weight to keyrings. Both metal and PVC are great choices for custom company logo keychains and both have their own benefits.

The Monterey Company has been manufacturing company logo keychains for a variety of businesses and nonprofits for over 30 years. We specialize in rich colors, high-quality material, and great customer service. We can make custom keyrings in almost any size and with any design. In fact, your keychains’ style all depends on you. From your logo to a select image, our artists are ready to create any design. Request a free quote today or simply click here to begin your custom order and say NO to lost keys!

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