VIP pins and charms exclusively add glamour to any event while also helping maintain order.

The Biltmore Hotel has a reputation for elegance and stellar service. About two months ago, the catering manager decided to create a lapel pin for some invited guests with the hotel s signature PB, a scripted font in which the two letters were intertwined. It was a little tricky recreating their logo on a lapel pin, admitted Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company. It was a high polish die struck oval gold pin, but the P and B had areas of raised and recessed metal with sandblasting in the background. We had to make sure the letters were legible; yet keep true to their company s logo. The pin was also only ¾ of an inch, a little bit smaller than the standard 1-inch pins that are popular nowadays. The catering manager didn’t want too big of a pin. We wanted something discreet that would distinguish some VIP guests from the others at an event, but they had to be big enough so you could see them from across the room, he said. The Providence Biltmore also wanted to make the pin recipients feel special, so they ordered 1-inch square presentation boxes. They are available via The Monterey Company, affordably priced, including insertion. The pin-looked spectacular all shiny and gold in that black box with the clear lid, the manager said. Everyone was really happy to receive them. The PB logo turned out so well, that the Providence Biltmore catering manager decided to recreate it on 1-inch oval key chains as well. Most of our rooms have key cards, but there are some rooms at the hotel, such as meeting rooms, that still use keys. When we d give the meeting room keys to the guests, we wanted to have key chains with our logo on them, he said The PB logo on the key chains turned out so well that Paul Stark, whose initials are also PB is using the key chain for his personal use. It s a nice-looking key chain, and doesn’t weigh heavy in your pocket, Stark said. To extend the life of the Providence Biltmore key chains, The Monterey Company added a thin layer of epoxy on top of each one. That way, the finer details of the logo won t wear off over time. This is a good example of how a company s logo can be used in many different ways, Stark added. This customer extended the use of his logo to create a memorable impression with a different set of guests. It’s smart marketing. For help creating your custom made lapel pin or key chain, call The Monterey Company toll free at 1-800-259-6496.