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Build community, beliefs and holiday spirit by simply designing a custom key-chain with The Monterey Co.

December is a big month in the Western world with major religious and spiritual holidays spanning a three week period. And because of the marketing that has gone on in the US for so many years around Christmas, gift giving has become part of this holidays for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice and Islamic New Year celebrants to name a few.
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The beauty of all of these holidays is that they carry with them a message of peace, hope, good, renewal, and the miraculous. No matter what the belief or origin, these are all messages that all people can embrace and share. The gift giving that goes on around this time can also support that by being emblems of the message.

Churches, synagogues, temples, ashrams, and other places of spiritual community support their attendants by reminding people of these messages throughout this month, and throughout the year. A really marvelous way of doing that and a cost-effective one at that, is creating lovely custom designed keychains to give out to the community that holds the message or symbol of the season for whatever holiday it is the designer celebrates.

Key chains are a wonderful piece of emblematic jewelry. They are utilitarian and used every day.  They are decorative and fashionable and seen.  Seen not only by the user but by most people that come into contact with the person who owns the key chain.

At Monterey Company, we know it is important to offer your colleagues and acquaintances thoughtful, yet affordable gifts during the holiday season. We are proud to offer sophisticated custom designed pieces that are incredibly cost-effective and can aid in the spreading of messages of joy and cheer.

Giving gifts that support people in remembering messages of peace, renewal, hope, and the miraculous is important all year long, not just in December for our holiday season. Keychains with words, symbols, and colors that remind us of that in our day to day lives as we go out into the world can be a lovely heartfelt gift that supports us all.

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