Custom key chains can last an incredible amount of time for a short amount of thought.

When deciding to design and order key chains, customers tend to get most caught up in the design process and not really giving thought to what really makes it a keychain. That of course, would be the attachments – the ring and chain.  It’s easy to over look really, as in most peoples minds, it’s a given, but few know there are quite a few options to choose from.

The custom key chains that the Monterey Company offers come with sturdy, long lasting and equally well designed attachment options.   Out of all our products, custom key chain is the only one that has a functionality to it.  Which means that pairing your custom design with a long lasting attachment is of the utmost importance.

It’s really just a matter of taste when it comes to choosing one, because they are all assured to be the highest quality and long lasting.  Most customers choose between, carabiners, flat split rings, figure 8 rings and screw tops.  This of course leads to the final touch to add to that brand new custom made key chain:  packaging.

Good design and craftsmanship never ends with just the product in a protective covering.  It’s the packaging that finishes off the statement you are trying to make with your well designed custom key chain.  Packaging sets the tone for the value message you are sending to the recipient and conveys how precious a keepsake it truly is.  This is why we have made sure to provide you with a comprehensive list of options with which to package your custom key chain with. Images of samples are available on the site, and our designers are always ready to talk with customers about it.  Packaging is likely just as important as design!