Custom key chains that match your custom style.

Where are my keys? How many times have we asked that while searching for one set of keys as its getting late for work. The simple solution, of course, is to have a spare set of keys or two. That way, when you re in a rush, your chances of finding a least one set are much greater. Unless you have a vehicle that only takes electric keys that beep, keys can be made inexpensively at the local hardware store. These days, key chains can be made to match your personal style. They can be as individual as your clothes. They come in all materials, colors, shapes and sizes. For nearly two decades, The Monterey Company has been a leading key chain manufacturer that services Fortune 500 Companies, charitable organizations and all branches of the U.S. military. If you were to line them all up on a table, they would show a variety as individual as that organization. Basically, key chains are a double-sided lapel pin, said Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company that also manufactures custom-made lapel pins and coins. It takes more time to make them, but key chains are affordable and a great marketing tool. At The Monterey Company, the minimum order is 100, and price breaks are at 200, 300, and 500 on up to the thousands. Recently, a leading car manufacturer ordered 2,000 custom made key chains from The Monterey Company. Working through a marketing company in New York, they chose The Monterey Company because of their quality product and excellent customer service. We were a little nervous at first working with a new vendor on the west coast, said the marketing executive. But when they sent us their key chain and coin samples, we were impressed. Their quality was superior. You could tell just by the look and feel of everything. And there was consistency among all of the pieces. The key chain that the car company needed was for an upcoming anniversary in its large construction equipment division. Naturally, a key chain would be a great gift for the 2,000 employees located all over the world. The marketing company exec sent their two-sided design to The Monterey Company, and they discussed how it would work out. On the front of the key chain was an open road, explained Stark. That had to be raised metal. But then they also had a design that looked like a thumbprint behind the open road that had raised and recessed areas. Normally, three levels of metal would be a challenge for many key chain manufacturers, but we pulled it off well. Even though the carmaker had its own design, it’s not necessary to have one to create a custom key chain of your own. All you need is an idea that you can convey either on paper or over the phone. The designers at The Monterey Company can do the rest. A proof with the design, Pantone colors and type of metal is sent for approval. You can make as many changes as necessary to be satisfied. On The Monterey Company web site under Specialty Items, there are a variety of key chain styles to choose from, including Antique, Die Struck, Cloisonné, Iron, Etched and Printed. The car manufacturers key chain was die struck antique silver with spot color of blue around the edge. There was full epoxy on both sides. To make sure that your key chain endures, it s a good idea to add epoxy to both sides, Stark said. The colors won t chip or fade, but epoxy protects the piece from any mishandling or damage.

Remember, key chains are not just made for your car keys. They can be used for:

House or Cabin


Storage Facility and Office Cabinets



Motorcycles and Off Road Vehicles

Safes . . . the list is endless!

Any company logo can be made into a key chain! For assistance with your custom made key chain, call The Monterey Company toll free at 800-259-6496.