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Custom trinkits & the holidays.

Last year around this time I wrote about the importance of showing gratitude to customers by giving out ‘thank you’ holiday gifts or Thanksgiving gifts with letter mailers.  The Monterey Company designs custom thank you keychains, charms, medallions, coins, earrings, head badges, and lapel pins that are perfect for just this kind of gift. This simple gesture is what sets boutique small businesses apart from the massive companies and corporations because customers always walk away feeling seen, known, and appreciated.  There is no better marketing strategy then a genuine relationship marked by attentiveness.

This is just as important to consider for both small and large businesses.  The economic times have taken a toll on consumers and companies that are in the business of selling things have been all too aware of the impact that these economic times have had on sales. More than ever companies are relying on those long time customers that are loyal even now when sales have cut back considerably.

This Thanksgiving season, taking the time to let customers know how important they have been in the success and continuation of a business is a great way to strengthen the bonds that exist between a business and their customers. This is no longer a custom unique to small boutique companies. Gratitude goes a long way towards humanizing a company, and brings customers into the fold so that they have a sense of their significance in the eyes of the seller. We all like to feel appreciated.

So with this in mind, The Monterey Company extends the reminder that now is the time to design and order your gifts.  Lapel pins, key chains, and coins are an elegant, easy and memorable way in which to send the message of gratitude.  Small and easy to package, a simple message that says “thank you’ or even ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ can be designed to blend well with the company’s brand and colors so its clear for years to come who the message came from.

We have seen lapel pins given out at company parties, coins included in shipments as well as key chains included in merchandise bags.  On of the classics of course is mailing out a company greeting card with a lapel pin attached to the upper corner of the card.  Each of these conveys an attention to detail as well as a commitment to fostering lasting relationships with faithful customers.

It might seem early yet to plan for November, but now is the time.  Our design team works with customers free of cost in creating the perfect design and in choosing which of these three items would best serve your purposes and clientele.

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