Celebrate MLK day with custom coins and pins that can be cherished for years.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is celebrated on the third Monday of January every year in honor of the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., civil rights leader, peace advocate, and reverend. This federal holiday commemorates his life and his work towards racial equality and civil rights through promoting peaceful activism.

Civil Rights and activist organizations across the country do quite a lot of work around this time to promote education, raise funds and continue to work towards their causes. Martin Luther King, Jr. was inspirational, powerful and a voice that rallied an entire nation. Using his quotes on emblematic jewelry is a great tool used in celebrating this day.

Lapel pins, buttons, and key chains are perfect for imprinting quotes along with organizational logos. They are high quality, eye-catching pieces that convey a message skillfully and are easy to pass out as package gifts, talk pieces, and flare. Because these pieces are wearable, they promote dialogue in the community which is always powerful in spreading the word and in furthering mass education.

Along those same lines, creating lapel pins, buttons, and key chains is also a great way to put on fundraisers for those nonprofit civil rights and activism organization. Rather then selling items that are seemingly unrelated to the message of the group, selling lapel pins with Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes achieves both the raising of funds, and the educating and promoting of dialogue in the public.